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Monday, January 14, 2008

Here we are two weeks into the New Year… it seems like it’s been longer than that. I haven’t written about this or even talked to anyone about it but my resolution for 2008 is to focus more on me and make this my year. I’ve spent the last 20+ years focusing on what everyone else needs now it’s my turn. Tim and the kids will have to become a little more self-reliant, it’ll be good for them!

On the health and fitness front everyone in the house is eating better. We’ve cleaned out the pantry and the freezers and we are cooking smaller meals. Eating out is a once a week treat instead of a nightly thing. Sodas have been banned from the house; this will be hardest on me. Tim may drink a soda every few months it’s no big deal to him, Clint gave up soda a couple of years ago and prefers water to anything, Sarah would drink soda all day if we let her but if it’s not there she never asks for it, me well I’ve had a soda with breakfast for years and years, the mornings have been hard. I haven’t had any kind soda since December 29th (yes I know the date and time of my last Coke); my goal is to give them up completely.

So far everyone has noticed that they already feel better, it’s amazing how crappy fast food and junk food make you feel. We’ll have to remind ourselves that we feel better as time goes on; we tend to forget as time goes by and we get busy. I’m already down 6lbs. but most of that is losing the holiday bloat.

Tim and I did something new this weekend and we had a blast! There is a local restaurant that has a service called Mealtime Mastered, the premise is you go there and put together these meals that they have designed and take them home and freeze them. When you are ready to eat one of the meals take them out of the freezer and follow the instructions for thawing and cooking and there you go dinner is ready. We’ve already tried one of the meals (Vegetable Lasagna with Tomato Sauce) and it was yummy. We had enough to feed six and still have some leftover.

That’s it for now, I’m out!


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