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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

DUH that’s why I’m fat!!!!!!

I've had a DUH moment and in the process discovered why I weigh so much and why I've been unable to lose the weight!

Holly Crap, I must be averaging more than 2000 calories a day and that's on a day that I eat on plan! I'm also willing to bet that I have a lot more days over 3000 calories than I would like to admit. Its simple math, I'm taking in way more calories than I'm burning in a day. DUH that's why I'm fat!!!!!!

I always knew this but the last couple of days have been very enlightening. A few days ago I put it out there that I was sick of food, Anna replied and what she said got me to thinking. She said that she was tired of being the "Kitchen Magician", wow that was exactly how I felt!

Every day I fix breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner for the family (the kids I only fix breakfast and dinner for cause they eat at school most of the time) and I spend an exorbitant amount of time planning, shopping, cooking and packing it all, no wonder I'm sick of it. I make it way more complicated than it has to be because I try to make nice meals and I've just realized that I have made food more important for my whole family than it has to be. Instead of eating being something that we do out of necessity to nourish our bodies, I've made it a production.

So this weekend I told the family that I was getting back to basics. No more big productions and fancy recipes for awhile, for now I have to keep it simple. I cooked a bunch of chicken and browned some ground meat; I have whole wheat pasta and brown rice cooked and a freezer full of frozen veggies. I've also got plenty of cottage cheese, fresh and frozen fruit and lots of eggs. No more standing at the refrigerator saying this doesn't sound good or I'm not in the mood for that, tough this is what we are having and if you don't want to go hungry you'll eat it! This will be a drastic change because I always try to cook what they like and even though they are all really easy to please it's just become such a hassle that I'm finding us eating out more often again. I've also told the hubby that he will need to start packing his on food the night before, he's a big boy I know he can do it.

The real duh moment came when I started weighing and measuring all of my food and logging it into FitDay. Wow those calories add up fast! I've used FitDay off and on for years but I always just eyeballed the serving size, obviously my eyeballs need adjusting. It's much easier to weigh and measure the food when the protein, carbs and fat are all separate instead of all combined into a recipe since most recipes don't tell you exactly how much a serving is. I realize that this will get old and that I'm not going to win any culinary awards cooking this way but maybe by getting this basic I can realize what a serving size is and I can get food back to what it should be; something to keep us healthy! (I bet we even save a few bucks!)


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