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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What the hell was I thinking???

I have a set of 3lb Danskin toning balls; I’ve got one at work and one at home. I love to stretch with them and lift them and basically play with them while I’m at my desk. Last week the love affair ended badly. I work in cube land and the guy in the cube across from me was as bored as I was so we were jacking around and throwing the ball back and forth….that’s when I heard this nasty little pop coming from my left shoulder. How stupid was I to be throwing a 3lb weighted ball over handed when I know that my shoulder isn’t strong???? Now my shoulder is killing me and if I move it in the wrong direction I get a stabbing pain. Damn

To top that off we ate out all weekend and none of it was even close to being healthy and now I feel bloated and hurt and bitchy. I’m a pleasure to be around let me tell you, oh and I’m about to start, so if my family is smart they just won’t speak or look at me for a week or so.


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