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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blah, Bloated, Better, Podfitness

I’ve been really blah this past week. My eating hasn’t been great in fact last weekend it was really bad and even though it’s been better this week it still has been 100% (who am I kidding it hasn’t even been 50%).

Part of the reason I’ve been blah and eating crappy is its PMS week. I don’t know why my eating goes to hell when I have PMS; I just seem to lose all control. Mexican food, all I want is Mexican food!

So since I’ve been a slug and a craving lunatic I was really dreading Friday’s weigh in but surprise surprise, I actually managed to pull off a ½ lbs. loss for the week! WooHoo, that makes me feel better!!!!!!!

Has anyone tried I signed up for the 10 day free trial and created a few workouts and downloaded all of their quick workouts then canceled cause 10 days isn’t enough time to try out the workouts and see if this was something I wanted to pay for and guess what... they charged my credit card even after I canceled! Now I have to call them and try and get my money back. I might have let it go but they disabled my login so even after paying for a month I can’t use it. This kind of crap really steams me.


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