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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

12 Ways to Fit Exercise in Your Life

12 Ways to Fit Exercise in Your Life
By Debbie Hickey
eDiets Contributor

Think you don't have time to exercise? Think again! Time is the number one reason individuals give for not engaging in regular physical activity, yet researchers tell us that several shorter sessions throughout the day can provide the same health and weight-loss benefits as one longer, continuous session.

By adding activity to your daily life, you can add years to your life -- and life to your years. Here are a few suggestions to help you get more physical each day.

1. Aren't phone on-hold messages annoying? How about when it takes a Web site minutes instead of seconds to download? Next time you are sitting there fuming over how much time you are wasting, get up and march or jog in place while you are waiting for technology to catch up with you. You'll not only burn calories but reduce your stress level as well.

2. During your coffee break, go for a walk, use the stairs as a Stairmaster -- get up and move! You will be energized, mentally stimulated and be much more productive and creative when you return to work than you would be if you had a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

3. By now I am sure that you are all taking the stairs rather than the elevator wherever you go, right? To increase the intensity, take the stairs two at a time. It's great for the butt, quads and hamstrings. If you pick up the pace, you will burn additional calories.

4. Don't drive to work. Park your car some distance away -- leave it where it's easier to find parking and walk. If you live less than five miles from your place of employment, ride your bike to work or take some extra time and walk at least three days a week.

5. Each evening during the week, workout during your favorite show. Use the treadmill, stationary bike, jog in place, etc. three nights a week. On the alternate nights, perform strength training exercises for each major muscle group using free weights, fitness bands and a fitball.

6. Too much work to workout? Multitask so you can exercise while reading professional literature or reviewing the report for tomorrow's meeting. Need to prepare for a report? Use a tape recorder to brainstorm and then type your report after your workout. Ideas and concepts will come to you much more easily.

7. Don't answer the phone on the closest extension. Rather sprint for the bedroom phone upstairs. Set your answering machine so that it will pick up in five rings so that you have to hustle.

8. Run errands -- literally! Park near your last errand rather than your first and get going. You won't be tempted to drive from one destination to another. If you get buried under all the packages, stop by the car, drop off your purchases and then continue on to your next stop.

9. Alright I admit it. Sometimes we do have chores around the house that have gotten away from us and must be taken care of, such as cleaning the garage, organizing closets and drawers, painting the living room and on and on. Put on some motivating music and tackle that first project. Before you know it, you will have completed your tasks, gotten in a good workout and enjoyed the process!

10. Plan an active date. No, not that activity -- I was thinking more along the lines of hiking, rollerblading, ice skating or bicycling. Plan a lunch and don your backpack for additional resistance. When you reach your destination you can enjoy a relaxing, healthy meal that will provide the energy for your trip home.

11. Forget the drive-thru. Whether it's the bank, drugstore or McDonald's (for a healthy salad, of course), park your car and walk. And do park at the far end of the lot!

12. Walk the dog. Both you and your dog could use the exercise. Since we got our puppy, Buster, my husband has lost eight pounds!

These are just a few ideas to help you incorporate movement into your day that will add up to huge health and fitness benefits. Make it a lifestyle change so it becomes a normal part of your daily routine. Be creative and do what works best for you -- just do it!


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