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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stay hydrated during exercise.

Stay hydrated during exercise.

It's important to stay hydrated when you're exercising. Fatigue is one of the first symptoms of dehydration, so not drinking enough water throughout the day can actually lower your energy level and hurt your stamina when it's time to exercise. But what, you may be wondering, should you drink before, during, and after your workout?

Water is always an excellent choice. Before you exercise, down a large glass of water. And if you walk or exercise for more than 30 minutes, or if you're exercising in hot weather, carry a water bottle or stop for another drink during your workout. (There are many inexpensive, reusable water bottles on the market — some come with straps to make them easier to carry, while others fit into waist carriers designed to hold them.) When you finish your workout, drink another glass of water or two (at least a pint) to keep your body hydrated. Even if you don't notice yourself sweating, you are losing moisture; you don't need a soaked shirt to get dehydrated.

What about sports drinks? These drinks are especially formulated to get water back into your body's cells rapidly — even more rapidly than water can accomplish the task — and contain about half as much sugar as soda and other soft drinks do. Their diluted sugar content, along with the electrolytes they contain, makes them excellent hydrators. But unless you're exercising intensely for over an hour, or in extreme heat, you don't need a sports drink. Save the calories. Water will quench your thirst, and you can get all the electrolytes you need at your next meal.

Today, pay extra attention to your fluid intake to make sure that you will be hydrated for your workout. If you haven't been getting enough fluid lately, you may be surprised at the difference this small change can make in your energy level.

from Healthy Living with Ellie Krieger.


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