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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bring Mindfulness to the Table

Bring Mindfulness to the Table

by Healthy Living with Ellie Krieger

The hectic pace of everyday life often leads us to gobble down our food mindlessly. But this kind of eating isn't really satisfying; in fact, it can lead to overeating and digestive problems. By incorporating mindfulness — that is, full awareness of your present moment, without judgment or reflection — into your eating, you can stem this tide and treat yourself to a more enjoyable dining experience.

Today's small change is to bring mindfulness to your meals — in other words, to slow down and be more present in the experience of eating. To do this, try a classic meditation exercise that involves slowly eating a raisin. Take one raisin and concentrate on the experience of eating it, from first enjoying its texture and aroma to gradually chewing and savoring the taste. When they stop to focus on this exercise, people are amazed at how much flavor is contained in one tiny fruit. To introduce yourself to the idea of mindful eating, this may be a good exercise for you to start with.

Here are a few other exercises you can try — encourage your family and friends to participate, too!

  • Say grace. Offering thanks for the delicious food and abundance you enjoy calms you and focuses your mind on the meal ahead.

  • Consider the food. Take a moment to enjoy the smell and look of the food before grabbing your fork.

  • Eat slowly. Savor each bite, chewing slowly, so you can experience the food's subtle flavors.

  • Pay attention. Even when eating on the go, you'll feel more satisfied if you concentrate on your food instead of trying to work, read, or watch TV while you eat.


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