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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

30 Days to a Greener Diet - Day 29

Ditch the Drive-Thru
Faster Recipes to Replace Fast Foods

We don’t like to generalize.

But let’s just say that it’s typically harder to get something sustainable and healthy from a fast food drive-thru window than it is to get a 30-year fixed rate on your home from a Countrywide mortgage broker. And let’s not even get into the issue of all that car exhaust being expelled into our atmosphere and your lungs just for the sake of an (admittedly delicious) french fry.

But, we hear you say, “I don’t have any time to cook!” And, “I don’t have time after work to feed the kids anything but drive-thru food, plus they gang up on me and bare their little teeth when I try to say no.” And you say, “I can’t afford anything but the drive-thru.”

We hear you. Been there!

The trick here is not to go cold turkey with the double burger. It’s far easier to wean yourself and your progeny off the special sauce little by little. Depending on your level of drive-thru dependency, take it one week at a time, replacing more and more McMeals with our fast and easy after-work-friendly recipes.

This week, try limiting your visits to just one, and make it count by really piling on the full super-size treatment. Once you’ve recovered, cleaned up the mess and aired the stale french fry smell out of the car, everybody in the family will be ready for a real meal the very next night. Here are some easy family work-night recipes that you can get to the table in no time.
Garlic and Tomato Pizza Recipe
Multigrain Pasta with Veggie Salad Recipe

Cheaper than burning gas in the drive-thru and just about as fast.

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