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Friday, November 07, 2008

30 Days to a Greener Diet - Day 17

Learn a New Food Word: Artisanal
A New Breed of Cheese Makers, Bread Bakers, Farmers and More Are Creating a Healthy, Handmade Cuisine

Artisanal food producers are the rock stars of the growing local and sustainable food movement. This new breed of organic and local farmers, bread bakers, cheese makers, dairy farmers, sustainable butchers, wine makers and more are helping us rediscover and put back into our everyday diets handmade, hand-grown delicious foods created by artisans.

The artisan food-maker typically uses the freshest, healthiest and most sustainably sourced ingredients, and produces provisions in small quantities. You’ll find artisanal foods from tender baby greens to chewy, delicious breads in your local farmers markets, fancy food shops and, increasingly, local sections of your supermarket.

Back in the day, artisan foods were on every plate, and they’re still the predominant food source for much of the world. This week, discover an artist in your local area. Put your zip code in the Get Local Info box on the far right side of this page to find farm markets and more near you.

Once you've savored an artisan-made bread or cheese, you will never settle for less.

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