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Sunday, October 19, 2008

30 Days to a Greener Diet - Day 2

Think Food Quality, Not Food Quantity
3 Ways to Save on the Healthiest Foods

Yes, times are tough and for many of us, dollars are getting tighter. We’ve heard the complaints — organic foods cost more. But we suggest 3 ways to make room in your budget for the most healthful real food you can find.

1. Cut back on expensive overprocessed foods that don’t pack the nutritional punch per penny that real foods do.

2. Put your money where it matters. From the money you saved on #1, splurge on the important substitutions: wild salmon instead of farm-raised, organic coffee instead of the pesticide-laden regular stuff, the perfect locally grown tomato instead of the tasteless kind. On a nutrition per serving basis, it’s actually a very, very good dollar deal.

3. Reacquaint yourself with your stove. Foods prepared at home cost less than carry-out or processed foods. Often, you’ll spend less time making dinner than you would have spent in line waiting for a carry out order.

Demand more for your hard-earned dollars. Feed yourself and your family the highest-quality foods you can afford.

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