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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good and Bad Choices

Yesterday was a mix of good and bad choices. Breakfast was a good choice. I managed to skip the Starbucks at the airport, very good choice. Lunch at Panera Bread, I did my homework and knew what to order before I got there, another very good choice. Water intake was low, bad choice but I did manage to stay away from any soda which I tend to drink a lot of while traveling, good choice.

Dinner at a local draft house last night, there were limited healthy choices on the menu but I skipped all of them and went with the nachos which was one of the worst choices I could have made, very very bad choice. On the positive side I did manage to keep from eating all of them, I ate about 1/4th of them and then had the waitress take them, that’s better. I did have one beer but I’m OK with that, I don’t really consider that good or bad. Overall yesterday was an improvement from previous travel days.

That’s it for now….I’m out.


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