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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I went off call yesterday and last night was the fist good night of sleep I’ve had in the last week. I tend to use on-call as an excuse to not workout because I’m always so tired. Tomorrow will be a leg workout at the gym; I’m working on what I’ll do today so I don’t have an excuse.

I’m feeling introspective today, there are a ton of things I want/need to do at work, home and personally so today I’m working on list of what I want/need to do. I’m not thinking about it too hard, I’m just letting the ideas flow and writing everything down. When the ideas stop coming I’ll put the list in some kind of order. Right now I’ve just got a word document open and saved to my desktop so it’s always right there and I can add to it as things pop into my head.

I’ve spent too much time thinking about what I’ll do when I lose weight, have more money, have more time, etc etc etc and it’s time to start doing things now instead of waiting for some time in the future!

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