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Friday, October 05, 2007


I’m in a funk!

After 7 straight weeks of losing dangit I gained 1 ½ lbs. this week. I feel puffy and bloated, my ankles are swollen and I generally feel like crap. I’ve got to snap out of this. This is the point where I always lose the mental battle, I wind up saying what the heck and eat junk and undo all the progress I’ve made. You would think that if I already know that it would be easy to stop the mind games but for some reason it’s not.

I’m not sure what caused such a big gain this week, I’ve been drinking my water and food hasn’t been perfect but not really different from the last 7 weeks. I haven’t walked as much this week; I’ve just felt rundown and tired all week.

I’m off to create my meal plan and shopping list and to try to force myself to get a grip.


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