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Monday, June 18, 2007

A Better Body in 5 Minutes

Build Sleeve-Busting Arms
By Alwyn Cosgrove, Men's Health

You can accomplish a lot in 5 minutes, and this arm-building routine is proof. To do this workout, simply pick any two exercises that target your arms: one for your biceps and another for your triceps.
As an example, you might choose the EZ-curl-bar curl (biceps) and the dip (triceps). For either, select the heaviest weight that allows you to complete eight to 10 repetitions, and then alternate between the exercises, doing sets of five or six repetitions without resting. It's not uncommon to do four or five sets of each. And this means you'll be logging a total of eight to 10 sets of challenging arm work in just 5 minutes.


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