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Friday, April 20, 2007

Surprising Feel-Good Food

Fat-Free Milk

This is a vital feel-great food. Milk has fallen out of favor with too many Americans at the expense of higher rates of depression and mood swings. If, for whatever reason, you have sworn off milk, consider including it in your diet again. Here is an important distinction: Too many people drink too much milk at one time. That’s what causes many of the reactions to milk. Eight ounces (one cup) is the ideal serving. Space out those servings every few hours for optimal energy. Fat-free organic milk is the best choice. My clients regularly tell me milk tasted better and that “sticking to eight ounces or less at a time eliminates whatever digestive or sinus problems used to occur.”

And get this: An Indiana University study showed nonfat chocolate milk was better energy booster than sports drinks.


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