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Friday, October 27, 2006

MC14 - I WON!!!!

Here is the post to the group announcing the winner of MC14:

Drum Roll Please!!!!!!

I am proud and honored to announce our MC14 winner. She posted regular to the group and stayed on top of our activities as best she could. She travels alot but she is learning very quickly how to plan for her trips.

I have talked with our winner over yahoo messenger several times throughout MC14 and she was always so positive. Her attitude is wonderful and let me tell you, that is what you must do first, get your mind where it needs to be. Remember, we must change from the inside out!

She gave me a run for my money! She and I were the last two standing for MC14! Knowing she was there working as hard as I was getting through this challenge made me want to stay on track. Thank you for that girl!!!!! You truly inspired me knowing I was not doing this alone.

We are up and ready to go for MC15 too!!!! We are not taking a break between MC14 and MC15 cause we are completing our 12-week challenge.

Okay. Okay. You want to know who our winner is.

Congratulations to smartypantz!

A total of 6.75 inche lost!!!!

A 3.88% body fat % loss!!!!!

wOOT wOOT!!!!!!

Remember....this happened in just 6 weeks!!!!!!

Congratulations smartypantz!!!!

Well done girl!
Hugs to you!

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