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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I know that it is possible to eat healthy and get in your workouts when traveling but good googly moogly it’s hard!!!  

Last week I was in Merced, CA working 14 to 16 hr days traveling with two men I work with.  By the time we got a chance to eat dinner it was late and it was just grab whatever was open.  Workouts were not to be had….sleep had to be fit in there.  I’m back home this week but I have to tell you I am still beet.  

Next week we’re headed to Goodyear, AZ and I’m hoping the hours won’t be quite so long.  I’m planning ahead a little better and will be packing some food to take with me, I’ve learned that if I go to a restaurant after skipping my midmeals all bets are off and I’ll be left in a food induced coma with no clue what I just inhaled.

I’ve also learned that when I go a week eating junk, it’s really hard to stop.  I’ve struggled with cravings like crazy this week but I’m being strong and raining in the eating!  Hope everyone is having a good week….

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