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Sunday, February 12, 2006

MC10 Exit Essay

I was floundering; I had lost all motivation and was at a loss for how to get it back.  I had all the tools, I’ve read the book and tons of information online, I’ve been a member of eDiets for almost two years, I’ve had a gym membership for years and my son has been going with me but still I was just going through the motions.  Then I stumbled across the GetFit_Girls group, I enjoyed the posts and felt a little spark.  Then I heard about the mini challenges and became interested, and the spark grew.  So I thought what the heck I should give it a try.

Mini Challenge 10 – I had my husband take the before photos (yuk) and I did the measurements (double yuk).  I planned my meals and workouts; I got the family involved and got us back on track.  I bought all the supplies for our meals, got a new lunch box and got ready.  Then mini challenge 10 started and it was great.  The emails flooded my inbox and I had tasks that had to be done every day and that spark that I was feeling bloomed into a fire.  I was challenged, I was focused, and I had something to do to help apply my Body-For-Life knowledge.  I also had others going through the same things, they were planning meals and workouts, they had questions that I had answers to and they had answers to questions that I had.  We were in this together.

Weeks passed and the emails slowed but the pounds and inches kept dropping and that fire kept growing.  Now today we are at the end of the challenge, my husband has taken my after photos (not as yuk) and I am able to see change, I’ve lost weight and inches but I have gained so much.  I have the fire back, I know this is just the first of many challenges that I will complete, no more starting over for me.  I have confidence, I’m making healthy changes and sure I would love for them to happen faster but I’m happy with taking things one day at a time.  I know that I am able to do this for life!

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