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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day #6 of MC10

Daily DiaryDate: 1-7-05

Planned Meals:
     1. Free Day
     2. Free Day
     3. Free Day
     4. Free Day
     5. Free Day
     6. Free Day

Actual Meals:
     1. Cream of Wheat w/sugar and butter, milk
     2. Diet Coke
     3. Chinese Buffet (didn’t do too badly)
     4. Skipped
     5. Bacon cheese burger, couple of onion rings
     6. Skipped

Planned Workout:
List your planned exercises.

Free Day

Actual Workout:
     Did you stick to plan?  If not, what changes did you make?

     Today was my Free Day and it was kind of funny, I was thinking about how this really didn’t taste any better than what I had been eating all week.  I only ate half of my burger, it just seemed too heavy.  I’m glad the day’s over.

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