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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day #5 of MC10

Daily DiaryDate: 1-6-06

Planned Meals:
     1. WW English Muffin, Cheese Slice, Canadian Bacon, Egg
     2. String Cheese, Apple
     3. Grilled Chicken Salad
     4. String Cheese, Orange
     5. eDiets Broiled Burger Patty w/Healthy Fries & cabbage slaw
     6. Cottage Cheese, Fruit

Actual Meals:
     1. Same As Above
     2. Same As Above
     3. Same As Above
     4. Skipped
     5. Banana, Peanut butter
     6. Skipped

Planned Workout:
List your planned exercises.

Squat  X12-60lbs, X10–70lbs, X8-80lbs, X6-90lbs, X12-80lbs
Leg Extensions  X12-65lbs
Seated Leg Curls  X12-60lbs, X10-65lbs, X8-70lbs, X6-75lbs, X12-70lbs
Lying Leg Curls  X12-50lbs
Standing Calf Raises  X12-55lbs, X10-75lbs, X8-95lbs, X6-115lbs, X12-95lbs
Seated Calf Raises  X12-100lbs
Thigh Abductor  X12-70lbs, X10-80lbs, X8-90lbs, X6-100lbs, X12-90lbs
Thigh Adductor  X12-70lbs, X10-80lbs, X8-90lbs, X6-100lbs, X12-90lbs       

Actual Workout:
     Did you stick to plan?  If not, what changes did you make?

I skipped some meals, I’m really having trouble getting in that 6th meal but I had a killer LBWO today!

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