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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day #3 of MC10

Daily DiaryDate: 1/4/06

Planned Meals:
     1. Weight Control Banana Bread Oatmeal w/ chocolate protein powder.
     2.  String cheese, orange
     3. Grilled chicken salad
     4. String cheese, apple
     5. eDiets Broiled Burger Patty with Healthy Fries and Cabbage Slaw
     6. eDiets Chocolate Mousse

Actual Meals:
     1. Same as above
     2. Same as above
     3. Same as above
     4. I got busy and missed this meal completely.
     5. Leftover steak, potato, salad
     6. Fell asleep watching football.

Planned Workout:
List your planned exercises.
10min warm up on elliptical.
Butterfly X12-40lbs, X10-50lbs, X8-60lbs, X6-70lbs, X12-60lbs
Machine Bench Press X12-30lbs
Wide grip Pulldowns X12-50lbs, X10-60lbs, X8-70lbs, X6-80lbs, X12-70lbs
Shoulder Press X12-40lbs
Rear Deltoid X12-30lbs, X10-40lbs, X8-50lbs, X6-60lbs, X12-50lbs
Rope Pulldown X12-30lbs, X10-40lbs, X8-50lbs, X6-60lbs, X12-50lbs
Flat Tricep Extension X12-50lbs
Standing Bicep Cable Curl X12-20lbs, X10-25lbs, X8-30lbs, X6-35lbs, X12-30lbs
Bicep Curl Machine X12-40lbs.

Actual Workout:
     Did you stick to plan?  If not, what changes did you make?

I kinda wimped out on my workout today….really upsets me that I let myself do that!

20min warm up on treadmill – fast walk
Skipped the X10 on the rear deltoid and dropped X8, X6, X12 down 10lbs.
Skipped the flat tricep extension
Skipped the bicep curl machine

But I still did the Messenger Workouts and the Wednesday Workout Challenge.
Today was a busy day

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