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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 2 of MC10

It's day two of the challenge and everything below the waist hurts! 
Walking to the bathroom is bad but sitting (falling) on the toilet is excruciating and I'm having to go a lot because of all the water I'm drinking. 
But you know what....I haven't felt this good in a long time!  Sure I'm sore but that will pass and it's kind of nice knowing that I'm sore because I had such a great workout yesterday. 
I'm back at work today and can't access messenger but tonight I'll set it up on my phone so I can participate in the workouts tomorrow.  I miss having Tammy kick my butt.
Today is my Son's birthday, he turned 14.  He is my workout partner but he hates cardio and today was cardio so I had planned on letting him sleep this morning (we go at 4:00 am) but he was up and ready to go.  He told me that he's part of this challenge too, how great is that??? 
Everything is just falling into place and it's so nice to have the support.  You girls are great!!!!!!
Darn...I have to go pee again!  LOL

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