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Friday, January 20, 2006

Bill Phillips gets SIRIUS

Bill Phillips Begins New SIRIUS Satellite Radio Show Feb. 6
You Are Invited to Listen Live Online, for FREE, at and Join the Show by Calling to Ask Your Questions to Bill Phillips LIVE!
Bill Phillips has aligned with through Lime: Healthy Living with a Twist on SIRIUS Satellite Radio to deliver something NEW to the airwaves: INSPIRATION, Positive Energy, and the Power to Change! His new, hour-long show airs each Monday, beginning Feb. 6 and is called: Transformation Talk with Bill Phillips
Phillips, the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Body- for-LIFE, the original transformation guide, has helped literally millions of people lift their bodies and lives to new heights.
"Today, more than ever, I see a real need for a strong voice of clarity and truth when it comes to making healthy changes for the better. I believe I can help people and that is why I am coming back to offer my experience and insight," Phillips emphasizes.
Bill's insight is a result of real-world experience and having learned countless lessons for life from literally hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who have experienced the transformation to extraordinary real-world heroes through their triumphs over tribulations. "We will all face adversity in life," Phillips explains. "It is how we deal with that adversity that makes us or breaks us. Transformation Talk is about finding the right path and the healthy way to change and evolve... to come through whatever storms we face in life and ascend... to not only make a change, but to make a difference and become an inspiration to others."
Transformation Talk is a new radio-show format, quite the opposite of what SIRIUS has recently become front-page news for, which is the extreme and wild side, represented by the outspoken radio celebrity Howard Stern.
"I love the fact that SIRIUS Satellite Radio is open to inspirational programming, and I am very grateful for this opportunity to share the message of Transformation with as many people as I possibly can," Phillips states. "I am also very enthusiastic about partnering with Hay House, both on this new show and on my new book, Transformation: For LIFE and Beyond. I believe Hay House truly 'gets' what the Transformation is all about... the heart and soul of it."
Phillips' new book is due out later this year, as is his long-awaited Transformation television series.
If you would like to join Bill Phillips LIVE for the premiere of Transformation Talk, Feb. 6 on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, channel 114: Healthy Living with a Twist, simulcast live online on Hay House Radio, please visit on Monday, Feb. 6, at 3:00 PM pacific time (6:00 PM eastern time) or tune in then on SIRIUS channel 114. Bill Phillips will give you the toll-free 800 number for you to call in and ask questions at the top of the show.
You are also invited to be a "contributor" to the new show by sharing your ideas, questions, and/or show topics you would like to see discussed by Bill Phillips on future Transformation Talk programs. You can fax Bill Phillips at 310.278.6340 or mail your letter to him at: Bill Phillips, 2250 Summitridge Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Bill Phillips always appreciates and highly values your thoughts and insight.
**Please feel free to spread the good news about Transformation Talk with Bill Phillips by forwarding this email to friends , family members, coworkers, members of your church, and anyone else whom you know who shares a passion for life, health, and helping others! Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word!

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