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Monday, December 19, 2005

Goals for 2006

  • Tim – let things go, stop nagging, have more fun with him.

  • Kids – spend more time with them just hanging out with the TV off.

  • Bible study – get back to my Bible study, just a little every day.  Get back to Church!

  • Eat clean – have some discipline and wait until Free Day, who knows I may not even want it then!

  • Workouts – plan and execute

  • Family – spend more time with parents, they won’t be here forever.

  • Friends – keep in touch with friends - write letters, send email, call, whatever it takes.

  • Work – stop procrastinating, just get it done.

  • House – do a little cleaning and laundry everyday so it’s not such a chore on the weekends.

  • Pets – get them groomed more often, everyone loves to play with them more when they are groomed!

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