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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Panic

OK, I’m kinda starting to freaking PANIC… you realize that Christmas is only 14 days away????  And I’m not done shopping, the tree isn’t decorated and I just can’t seem to get going……aghhhhh.

My mission today is to get the tree decorated and to figure out what to get Brandon for Christmas.  Who would have thought that a 19 year old would be so hard to buy for?  Could it be that he already has everything and he’s just too damn picky…..yes it could.

I just can’t seem to get in the Christmas spirit this year, the cold weather has helped but I still have a case of bah, humbug.  Do you think the doctor has something for that…just kidding, I’m thinking a trip to the local liquor store will help….just kidding.

Anyway; I’m off to panic and put the kids to work decorating….hope you’re ready for the holidays.

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