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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

101 Things About Me

101 Things About Me…..

  1. I’m an only child.

  2. I’m an only grandchild.

  3. My family says that explains a lot!

  4. I’m left handed and I like it.

  5. My hands sweat all the time, this can be very embarrassing.

  6. I like dogs better than cats but I like both.

  7. I LOVE Mexican food.

  8. I love college football.

  9. I’m a huge Aggie (Texas A&M) fan.

  10. I really like the smell of bleach….our white clothes don’t last very long!

  11. I really like the smell of an indoor pool….it’s the chlorine.

  12. I have never played Scrabble…I can’t spell.

  13. I rock at backgammon.

  14. I like beer…Shiner Bock.

  15. Porn movies just make me laugh.

  16. If you are my friend I always give you the benefit of the doubt….even when you don’t deserve it.

  17. If you are my kid I rarely give you the benefit of the doubt…even when you deserve it…..sorry about that.

  18. I love being a mom.

  19. I miss my Grandparents everyday.

  20. My dad died when I was 12.

  21. I don’t think about him very often.

  22. That kinda bothers me.

  23. My Step-Dad is amazing.

  24. I keep in touch with my best friend from high school.

  25. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.

  26. I love Christmas.

  27. But Halloween is my favorite holiday.

  28. I like most music but country and rock are my favorites.

  29. I have a thing for purses.

  30. I like lipstick but always forget to put it on.

  31. I like to say fuck….it drives my husband crazy.

  32. My kids don’t even notice it anymore.

  33. I wish I had a sister.

  34. I still think about my boyfriend from high school.

  35. I occasionally talk to my boyfriend from high school.

  36. My Mom is my hero.

  37. I ask my Mom for advice often.

  38. We are very close.

  39. I had an amazing childhood…you would be jealous.

  40. I would do anything for my family.

  41. I’m a cool mom.

  42. I can be a real bitch….and I take pride in that.

  43. Rude people piss me off.

  44. Stupid people piss me off.

  45. I work with some rude stupid people.

  46. Most of them are in management.

  47. Did I mention I LOVE Mexican food?

  48. I like living in a small town.

  49. I would like to live on a farm.

  50. I like to travel for work….occasionally.

  51. I’m a soccer mom.

  52. I drive a big SUV…and love it.

  53. I have never had a mini-van.

  54. I’m lazy.

  55. I like to cook.

  56. I like to look at recipes.

  57. Morning is my favorite time of day.

  58. I was always the first one to wake up at a slumber party.

  59. It was painful trying to lay there waiting for someone else to wake up.

  60. Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

  61. I like to read.

  62. I like to read the end of the book first….this also drives my husband crazy.

  63. I read books over and over….I never throw books away.

  64. I have an iPod…I want another one.

  65. I really like iTunes.

  66. I have a lot of music.

  67. I like to swim.

  68. I have been on a cruise….it was a lot of fun even with the hurricane.

  69. I like to snorkel.

  70. I want to learn to scuba dive.

  71. I like to take really long baths.

  72. I like to read in the bathtub.

  73. I’ve been known to sleep in the bathtub.

  74. I like to play poker.

  75. I’m not very good at it.

  76. I have lunch with my husband almost every day.

  77. I’ve known my husband most of my life even though we were from different towns.

  78. I asked my husband out.

  79. People told him I was to wild for him….I was!

  80. I just recently started drinking coffee….I’m hooked.

  81. I hate working on family and friends computers…but I don’t know how to say no.

  82. I like frogs.

  83. Frog was one of my nicknames in school….cause I have such long legs.

  84. Scarlet was another nickname.

  85. Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie.

  86. Rhett Butler was HOT!!!!

  87. I like Burt’s Bees lip balm.

  88. Marvin the Martian cracks me up.

  89. I like video games.

  90. Xbox is better than the PS2.

  91. I want a new Xbox 360.

  92. I like to sunbathe.

  93. I don’t like tanning beds.

  94. Coke is better than Pepsi.

  95. I start things and never finish them.

  96. I like to drive fast….this also drives my husband crazy.

  97. Seems I drive my husband crazy.

  98. It’s fun.

  99. I like to read blogs.

  100. Did I mention I LOVE Mexican food?

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