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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.

I have some great memories of Halloween from my childhood. There was a whole group of us that played together in the neighborhood and we would all go Trick or Treating together and there was always one house that would do a haunted house each year and each year it would be was great. The schools would have Halloween carnivals and one of the frat houses at the local university would put on one of the scariest haunted houses ever and we would all go again and again. It was such a fun time

When I had kids I thought it would be the same for them but it's not. Now most people don't know their neighbors and here in the Bible Belt "Halloween" carnivals aren't allowed, everything is a "Fall Festival". What's happened to the good innocent fun it used to be? Around here it seems people are making Halloween something dark and evil, I say lighten up people!

So Halloween has become my holiday. Every year we have a Halloween party with lots of kids, candy, scary music, dry ice, funky food and good times. I've become known for the parties but most importantly I've given my kids and their friends Halloweens they will remember. Here's to all those that love Halloween....hope you have a great one!

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