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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ass kicking at lunch

First let me say I AM FAT, I know this and even work on it (occasionally), our lunches are one of the big reasons I am still fat. Everyday Tim (husband) and Kim (our best friend, also known as Tim's work that's for another post) and I go to lunch together. Everyday we say we should eat lite, everyday we eat a huge, high fat lunch... OK enough background on with the story.

On this day we went to Fuddruckers, we were finished eating and were just killing time not wanting to go back to work when two fat chicks came to sit near us. When I say fat I mean really really fat one of them (the fattest) was carrying two pieces of cake the other one was carrying one piece of cake. Let me say again that I know I am fat and fat people can talk about other fat people! As they walked by I said to Tim and Kim that they should really put that cake back ( the fat chicks didn't hear me) of course that makes Tim and Kim turn around to see who I was talking about (damn people don't all turn at once). I guess I was staring cause the fattest chick calls me out in a really loud voice, no kidding people turned to see what was going on. She asked me if I knew her and I said NO, she then asked me if I was sure cause I was staring at this point I should have apologized and stopped staring but did you see the name of this blog??? Instead I said to Tim and Kim that I was staring cause her "fat ass should put that cake back" now I really thought that I said that softly but again did you see the name of this blog, evidently I said it loud enough for the fat chicks to hear me. At this point Kim and I are worried about getting our asses kicked but thank God Tim was with us because he had the sense to make us leave thus avoiding an (say it with me) ass kicking at lunch. How do I get myself into these things?????

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